I'm Jared Janes & This is Impactful...

I haven’t followed a typical path in life and there have been some major obstacles, but I’ve been lucky enough to learn deeply from a wide variety of experiences and interests.

I played a video game semi-professionally for six years, built a career in marketing operations and management, started a nonprofit (Altruist Prize), and built a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle that has allowed my passion for learning to run wild in our hyper-connected world. Impactful is my way to share what I've learned in a podcast.

Why write novels when I can share my ideas on the medium I’m passionate about?

I'm deeply curious and have many interests, but some of my biggest influences are mindfulness, philosophy, art, nutrition, exercise, and the behavioral & evolutionary sciences. These interests and my many experiences have lead me to a passion for helping others to thrive in life.

I like to think of my work falling into two main categories of improvement. Developing the way we think about the world and the way we experience it. The two are intimately connected and compliment each other deeply. Because of this, the line between them is often blurred, but I believe it’s important to distinguish them since it’s natural to undervalue one or the other. When we develop them together it leads to wisdom, happiness and a deep connection beyond ourselves.

Another important aspect of my work is embracing a fluid mindset. By fluid I mean building a lifestyle that allows us to adapt quickly, learn broadly, and work diligently to limit the negative impact of our personal biases and tribal tendencies.

We all face challenges in our lives, and my goal is to reframe those challenges as opportunities for growth. If we can do that, I'm confident we can not only overcome them, but create a future where everyone has access to the tools needed to live a fulfilling life. Now, let's get started!